Jobs To Be Done: Theory to Practice

“This approach to innovation is analogous to expecting a sharpshooter to hit a target without knowing what the target is. It is like expecting a doctor to recommend the right treatment without knowing what is wrong or what the symptoms are.”
“While defining the functional job correctly is important, uncovering the customer’s desired outcomes (the metrics they use to measure success when get the job done) is the real key to success at innovation.”
“The only way to discover segments of customers with unique sets of unmet needs is to segment the market around unmet needs.”
“To secure a winning value proposition, a company must (1) know where in the job the customer is underserved, (2) secure the value proposition that communicates to customers that their needs can be satisfied, and (3) do everything in its power to satisfy the targeted unmet needs better than its competitors. “
“An effective market strategy should align the strengths of a company’s product offerings with the customer’s unmet needs.”
“The other part of the market strategy is segmentation: recognizing that the normal demographic methods for segmenting customers, while helpful for sales resource prioritization, are not helpful for opportunity identification, and hence solution identification.”
“Jobs-to-be-Done Theory – The notion that people buy products and services to get a job done and that new products and services win in the marketplace if they help customers get a job done better and/or more cheaply.”