The Beatles: The Biography

"Critics tend to credit 'I Saw Her Standing THere' and 'All My Loving' with setting off the initial blast of Beatlemania, but 'Please Please Me' was the spark that lit its fuse. It was a rejection of all the sugarcoated pop that had clogged the British charts for more than five years. In its place, the Beatles had assembled fragments of their favorite American hits, borrowing from the Everly Brothers, Eddie Cochran, and Buddy Holly, and give the resulting mosaic a bold personal touch."
"Such experiments were hastened by Martin. "He'd come up with amazing technical things, slowing down the piano and things like that," John recalled. "They were incredibly inquisitive about the recording process," Martin recalled. "They wanted to know what they could do that people hadn't already done." A guideline was immediately established: no idea, however vague or outlandish, was too risky or off-limits. Martin knew better than to dismiss their penchant for experimentation. For every trial concept that crashed and burned, there were four that not only took off but soared."
"Whose aura probably set off car alarms up and down the hills."