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How to Build a Twitter Bot

Step-by-step guide to launch a Python Twitter bot that automatically retweets a user's likes

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This is the perfect weekend project for Python beginners looking to create their first Twitter bot!

What is this course?

This course is for python beginners and twitter lovers who are interested in learning how to build a Twitter bot.

While I have found it helpful to read textbooks and watch online tutorials to get a better understanding of the basics for any subject, nothing beats project-based learning. Actually getting your hands dirty and running into real problems that require specific solutions has been my ideal way to learn something new.

With that being said, the hardest question typically is, what project should I focus on? From my personal experience, I’ve found it beneficial to focus on something you are passionate about. To find that something, just think of what you frequently pay attention to in your spare time, when no one is paying pay attention to it. For me that is Twitter.

We are going with a bot because it will be a fun project to group together various ideas we want to learn, such as APIs, python, and Twitter.

What You'll Learn

After you make it through the entirety of the course, you will walk away knowing how to do the following:

  • Setting up a virtual environment for your code
  • Signing up as a Twitter developer
  • How to Use Tweepy to call the Twitter API
  • Building a Bot that Retweets our Likes
  • Deploying a Bot using either AWS or Render